Multiple Teams · Saint Joseph High School Junior Varsity Football beat Northridge High School 9-7

Saturday, August 26, 2017

10:00 AM

Northridge High School

Saint Joseph High School

Game Recap

The gritty St. Joe Indians found a way to overcome adversity with a heart-stopping victory on a perfect Saturday morning. Patrick Oliva’s 13-yard field goal attempt deftly split the uprights as time expired. The kick lifted the Indian JV to a 2-0 record this season.

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Saint Joseph



Game Summary


The first quarter saw some strong defense as the hard-hitting play of Dan Stone and Josh Crudup kept the Northridge raiders in check for the first 10 minutes of play.


The Indians broke the scoreless tie as John Driscoll dashed into the end zone to put up the first 6 points of the game. A miscue on the extra point made fans wonder if that point would come back to haunt the scrappy squad.


The Indians started the second half battling a driven Raider offense who used effective play calling to move down the field and score a touchdown. The good conversion left the team in blue just a point shy of their opposition.


The Indians continued to struggle on offense in the second half, being held from getting into the end zone. Defense fought back for the team, giving up yardage, but not yielding any more scores. With two minutes remaining the Indians had their chance. Getting the ball on the 20 after a touchback, the Indians were able to convert a 4th down and keep the drive going. A couple of plays later, however, a deep interception made the outlook grim. The Raiders took over at their own 30 with two timeouts and just over a minute to play. The Indians dug deep and held the Raider offense to 4 downs leaving 12 seconds as Northridge set up to punt the ball. A high snap over the punter's head gave the Indians the ball on the 3 yard line with 5 seconds remaining. The Indians special teams made up for earlier as Will Faulkner and Evan Price combined for a perfect snap and hold combination. The line blocked all penetration. And Patrick Oliva's left foot was true. The Indian sidelines victoriously stormed the field as the clock ticked 0 and St. Joe emerged the winner 9-7.