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Indian Football Spotlight

Brandon McGovern SR #64 OL/DL

Playing for Saint Joe football means a whole lot to me. Going out with my brothers and giving all I have everyday at practice is what makes Saint Joe football so fun. As you know or may have heard my junior year I got a season ending injury by getting in a big car crash in June of 2016. My whole leg was broken and they operated on it and put a steel rod in my right leg. I didn’t know what to do, I felt the pain and sorrow of not being able to play football for a whole year and trust me it hurt a lot. But as I remember when I got out of my car and I laid on the side of the road where many pedestrians helped me, I asked if my whole family was okay, and then I said right after that I’m going to miss the whole football season. This meant I would not be able to play with my brothers on Friday night. I felt distressed with so much pain and sorrow, because playing on Father Bly Field on Friday night is like a dream come true for me and for many others. Also It is a dream come true to play with my brothers that I love so much. They helped me out through the years and I couldn’t have thanked them anymore.

I stuck with Saint Joe football my senior year because it made me forget all my worries in the past and about my injury.  It makes me feel like I am at home.  As days go by and my senior year of football is gradually winding down I just want to thank my teammates and my coaches throughout the years. Football has not only just made me grow physically but it also taught me to be a better student. It has prepared me for my future. I am of course going to miss playing football, and this injury has held me back. I know that whatever it takes, I will never quit Saint Joe football and I will fight each and everyday for my brothers, my coaches and my family.