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Indian Football Spotlight

Noah Hickey Junior #4 WR/DB

For as long as I can remember, I have always been the smallest guy on the field. However, putting my size and weight behind me, I have learned that the only way to prove myself and beat my competition is to have more heart, energy, and focus. I fit in best with Saint Joe Football because they demonstrate similar characteristics that I have. Saint Joe Football has always been known as the team that has smaller kids and fewer guys on the sidelines. Most teams could not overcome those obstacles, but not Saint Joe! We use our heart, energy, hustle, and focus to such an extreme it makes up for those obstacles. Being a team of only 54 players, the 2017 Saint Joe Football team is one of the hardest working teams St. Joe has seen in awhile. Not only do we push ourselves to do our bests, but we all push each other to perform to the best of our capability.

Along with heart, energy, hustle, and focus, the one word that sticks out to me when I think of Saint Joseph High School Football is brotherhood. I can strongly say that I have never felt closer with a team other than Saint Joe Football. It’s all about the camaraderie. When I step onto the football field Friday night, I know that the other 53 brothers that walk on with me aren’t playing for themselves but for each other. Knowing that I have all my brothers to back me up and give 100% with me until the final whistle, gives me the strength to go out and do the same for them. This tradition of brotherhood has been part of Saint Joe for a long time, which is evident by the alumni who support our team in a variety of ways. Every memory I have of Saint Joe Football, my brothers are right there next to me enjoying it with me. If I had to choose a favorite memory, it would have to be our celebration right after our Elkhart Central victory, where we brought back old traditions, started new traditions, and just bonded as brothers. That feeling of pure joy I got while celebrating the victory with my team is the feeling I hope and strive for every Friday night. I will enjoy the rest of the season no matter what, as long as my brothers are right there experiencing it with me.