Boys Varsity Football · Indian Spotlight Spring 2020 Rising Senior #70 Dom Verzele

Indian Spotlight Spring 2020 Rising Senior #70 Dom Verzele

When it comes to Saint Joe Football, I think about all of my teammates and all the friends I have made.  Freshman football season is when I made most of my friends and we have all stuck together and never give up. I think of our team as a family. I have stayed close to pretty much all of my teammates in my grade, as well as many upperclassmen and underclassmen. The relationships you make in football are real and last like brothers. We all try to look out for each other on the field and even outside of football because of our bonds with each other. Also, I love how it is a team sport: there is nothing else like it because of what we all do for each other on the field. We protect each other even if it means breaking a bone, because it is all worth it when you know you gave everything you had on the field. Saint Joe Football is something that I get to look forward to every single day of the week after a long  school day, especially if you had a bad day, we can all take out our anger on each other and push each other to become better. Always after the regular season, in Saint Joe Football, we have a bonfire and all of the underclassmen get to see all of the seniors talk to us. It is so special because we all get to hear them talk about why football is so special to them. Then “The Last Hit,” is when a senior picks an underclassmen to tackle onto a pad. The underclassmen that gets picked feels very special because it makes you feel so appreciated and feel like the seniors appreciate all the underclassmen because at the end of the day, we are all on the same team.  Also the feelings you have on Friday nights,there is nothing like it. Thinking about it all day in school, being tense and having those butterflies in your stomach. Then when it comes to the first snap in the game and you get your first hit, all of those butterflies go away, and you are ready to play some football all four quarters.

When it comes to E-Learning, I try to make the best out of seeing the positive things, but it is very hard because we are not allowed to hang out with all of our friends. The one nice thing is staying home, but after a while we all get sick of staying home. But for me, I have been trying to at least do some form of exercise five times a week to stay active.  I have been trying to finish all of my assignments the day they are given, so I do not fall behind in any classes.  I try to get all the assignments assigned for that day done in the morning, so I have the rest of the day to do other things and I do not have to worry about finishing the assignment. I just recommend to not procrastinate and just do the assignments. None of us want to do it, but we have to.

Things I have been doing to stay prepared for football season is to try and keep active and stay in shape. The other thing is to keep up on lifting and getting your muscles stronger. I do not have any of that equipment, so I stick with body weight workouts which help to keep up on my strength. Also a few of my teammates and I sometimes practice doing plays. We go through different scenarios of what a defender can do against you to try and get past you. This way it helps us keep up on our stances and practice footwork. I am trying to become better and stronger than I was last year, and know my teammates are as well, so our football team can have a great season.

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