Boys Varsity Football · Indian Spotlight Spring 2020 Rising Senior #53 Michael Conery


Indian Spotlight Spring 2020 Rising Senior # 53 Michael Conery

St. Joe Football has always been something I looked forward to throughout middle school. I would go to all the home games with my friends and watch them run out of the tunnel. I came to St. Joe with BIG hopes of being on a team that would carry on the Saint Joe Tradition.  After my freshman football season it was hard since we only won one game and everyone felt like we were not living up to that tradition.

The following year was so different because I had great leaders to look up to like Casey Conery, Ashton Ruszkowski and Mark Hiestand. As a young player they taught me some great things to help me grow, how to be a leader, and what is means to be a St. Joe Indian. Being able to play with my brother in high school was something I really enjoyed and will never forget. We have played together most of our life and being able to do it in high school was special. I’ve also had the privilege to be a White Dog and I appreciate being part of this special group.

This program has given me the opportunity to form friendships and bonds with other players that will last forever. I have also learned that even when times are tough, you need to make the best of this opportunity because we only get a limited number of games and practices and it all goes by so fast. These past three years have prepared me and I’m ready to lead this team with the rest of my brothers.  Can’t wait to get after it this next season for my final ride as a St. Joe Indian.

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