Boys Varsity Football · Indian Spotlight Football Season 2020 Aaron Greve SR #55

Indian Spotlight Football Season 2020 Aaron Greve SR #55

I will forever owe the Saint Joe Football program a debt of gratitude. The coaches, players, and managers have had a major impact on my development as a player and a human being. Over the years I have come to realize that football has shaped me into the person I am today. The hard work I have pushed through and the adversity we as a team have left to deal with has and will forever shape my decisions as I move through my life. All of the extreme hot practices (and the icy November days) on the field formed an iron-clad bond between my teammates and I that will stand the test of time. But this relationship is something that forms naturally with the sport. Saint Joe is special because beyond the last 4 years, SJFB has released thousands of its players into the world: to become husbands, fathers, priests, and most importantly active members of society. This program has taught me to strive for physical, mental, and spiritual excellence. 

I vividly remember the first time I got fitted for pads, walking into the weight room, or walking out of the tunnel in the playoffs. But the most life changing moment for me was meeting the upperclassmen. These would be the people who taught me what Saint Joe Football was really about; and said teammates turned quickly into mentors. The seniors that year made it a point to show the freshman that the only way to win on the football field is to practice like you play, and continually get better. This has been something that our senior class has struggled with, especially because of all of the huge injuries our team have received this year, and will continue to fight through in the weeks to come in our playoff run.

My senior year has flown by and I realize that we have to fight for our literal lives every friday night, so the intensity is higher than ever before. I trust my brothers and I to get the job done, every day closer to our goal of winning a championship for this school, which is long overdue. We might have fun in practice, but this Friday night’s business trip is about execution. 

I want to thank my brothers over the last four years for sticking by my side and creating a bond that will last much longer than my time at Saint Joe or my time in football pads. They have been role models for me to get through adversity and I plan to lean on them when in need; and expect them to do the same. Saint Joe Football has given me memories, and experiences but most importantly the best friends I will ever have. 

Today is a great day to be an Indian.

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